The golden Core

Author Marijke A. Deege

In these publication Rosemarie Konijnenburg, brand builder/author/ entrepreneur, as her LinkedInprofile shows,
tells us about what touches her with the sculptures 'The golden Core' .


A sculpture that touches me is ‘The golden Core’. ‘Two young people starting life together, bringing out their golden core to work with it in their relationship’, Marijke writes about her work.
People feeling safe with each other. Safe enough to show their core. A beautiful symbolism that transcends the relationship between these two young people, when I ponder on it. For we all have this golden core, in every relationship.
The question that preoccupies me is how to invite people to dig for that gold. How to invite them in safety to (further) discover that core. And above all: how we can invite each other to do this. Simply, in a chance encounter, in reaction to a blog post, on twitter, in the supermarket, at work, in the pub, with your friends and certainly in a relationship.

This sculpture of Marijke incites me to see the best in people. To look for their potential and life force. Both in my loved one and in the people that cross my path.
A golden core on the surface and worn with pride is what I wish for everyone! For to be really seen, known and loved is the basis for trust. And this trust is what makes a difference in our society.

Rosemarie Konijnenburg