The golden Core

STORIES WITH A SCULPTURE In these publication Rosemarie Konijnenburg, brand builder/author/ entrepreneur, as her LinkedInprofile shows, tells us about what touches her with the sculptures 'The golden Core' .

Encounters II

November 2nd, All Souls Day, a day to put flowers on graves. On this day, I had a very special meeting at the cemetery that's a stone's throw away from the place where once stood the home of my grandparents.


Encounters can be surprising, unexpected, special, an encounter can even change your life, but this was an encounter with a bizarre story.


Is a woman really without power when faced with sexual intimidation? What might be considered harmless by one person, feels to another like a line has been crossed.

Art is craftsmanship

"Art is craftsmanship" This statement will right away have proponents and opponents. Much discussion has been taking place about this already, yet there is still a lot to be said about art and craftsmanship. This requires careful…